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2014 NCVF Northeast Ranking Tournament (hosted by NWVCL and Fairfield University)

Date: February 22 & 23, 2014
Location: Fairfield University RecPlex
Maximum entry: 20 teams

GOLD Finish:
1st: UCONN
2nd: Northeastern
3rd: Rutgers-A
3rd: Boston College
5th: Boston University
6th: Cornell-A
7th: Yale
7th: UMass

SILVER Finish:
9th: Cortland-A
10th: Fairfield
11th: New Hampshire
11th: Brown
13th: CCSU (Central CT State University)
13th: TCNJ (The College of New Jersey)
15th: Sacred Heart-A
16th: Providence
17th: Vermont
17th: Holy Cross

* Two teams (West Chester and Dartmouth) withdrew prior to the tournament. Complete tournament results.

USAV certified officials will be provided as R1 for all matches. A trainer will be available both days of the tournament.

Contact person: Jung Park
Tournament Director: Kathryn Hart

Registration has ended. The full list of confirmed teams below.

  1. Fairfield
  2. Yale
  3. Dartmouth
  4. Sacred Heart-A
  5. Boston College
  6. Northeastern
  7. UConn
  8. West Chester
  9. New Hampshire
  10. Brown
  11. Cortland A
  12. Boston University
  13. UMASS
  14. TCNJ
  15. CCSU
  16. Rutgers
  17. Cornell-A
  18. Vermont
  19. Holy Cross
  20. Providence

Attending a ranking tournament is highly recommended to all teams plan on attending the club nationals in April, 2014.

First teams ("A" teams) teams will be selected on a "First Come, First Serve" basis. Schools are allowed to enter both their "A" and "B". However, "A" teams will have priority over "B" teams up to 21 days prior to the tournament. Non-collegiate club teams, such as USAV and Alumni teams, may not participate.

The NCVF Women's Committee has the right to deny any team entry. Reasons for denial may include: 1) failure to pay NCVF dues; 2) violation of NCVF eligibility rules; 3) misconduct at previous events. Teams have the right to appeal to the NCVF Compliance Committee, but any appeal must be made promptly.

Teams must adhere to the NCVF Governance Rules including all player and team eligibility requirements. Any player or team not in compliance may not participate. Any player or team violating the NCVF Governance Rules are subject to sanction by the NCVF Compliance Committee.

Every participating team must submit a complete roster. Rosters will be required and submitted to the Women's Committee at least 14 days in advance of the tournament. Teams will be penalized with a $100 penalty for failure to provide a roster before the deadline. All rosters are "frozen" 10 days prior to the event. The NCVF Women’s Committee must approve any roster change. The NCVF is under no obligation to approve a roster change made with less than 10 days notice. All rosters will be subject to an eligibility check by the NCVF Compliance Committee. Any inquiries from the NCVF Compliance Committee regarding a player’s eligibility must be answered prior to the event. If questions remain about a player’s eligibility, that player will not be eligible to participate. Please see for specifics on eligibility for players and teams.

SEEDING: Ranking Tournaments will be snake seeded. The NCVF Women's Committee will make final seeding for each tournament

POOL PLAY MATCHES (DAY 1): Pool play will consist of best out of 3 played to 25 points. Should a split occur, deciding set played to 15.. The NCVF Women's Committee reserves the right to alter the format.

POOLS: The NCVF Women's Committee will establish all pools.

BRACKET PLAY (DAY 2): The NCVF Women’s Committee and Tournament Director will determine the bracket format based on number of courts, time, and number of matches played. Every attempt will be made to guarantee at least 50% of the teams advance to the Gold playoff. The remaining teams will advance to Silver and/or Bronze brackets. All matches on day 2 will be best out of 3 (25, 25, 15) as well.

TIE BREAKERS: The NCVF model of tiebreaker shall be used to determine selection into Gold or Silver. No team will be eliminated from Gold based on a tiebreaker

SCHEDULING: Matches will be scheduled every 60 minutes for pool play with a grace period of 5 minutes. A team not available to start the match 5 minutes after the hour will forfeit said match. Matches may be moved forward with the agreement of officials, tournament director, and both teams.

WARM UP: Warm up for the matches will follow USAV protocol.

The winner of the ranking tournament shall receive their entry fee ($300) as their prize.

There also will be the tournament MVP award as well as ALL TOURNAMENT TEAM. awards.

Teams may withdraw from the event if a request is made in writing at least 21 days before the tournament. Refund requests received after this time period will not be granted except by the NCVF Women’s Committee (acts of God, dangerous weather conditions, etc.). The hosting school must notify the NCVF Women's Committee of any school that withdraws less than 21 days before the tournament. Such teams may be subject to sanctions. The hosting school is required to provide a full refund within 30 days of written withdrawal.

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